How NewRep Works

Use NewRep to find independent field reps wherever your properties are located.

Narrow your search to find the reps who perform the kinds of work you need. No more wasted phone calls or endless searches.

NewRep provides search results free of charge for companies seeking the services offered by listed reps. Those companies need not register with us, and are free to use our services and view our listings. Reps are also allowed to list with us free of charge and a partial display of information will be available to companies seeking their services.

A Premium account, available for a monthly or yearly fee, provides both companies searching for services and companies listing services additional benefits. Companies searching for services will be provided a list of ALL companies providing services for their search area and full profile details for each search company. Listing companies will benefit from always having their full profiles displayed for their area of coverage and rise to the top of search lists. InspectorADE users get one free premium listing NewRep account.

Pricing for a Premium account
Monthly: $9.99
Yearly: $60.00

A Premium Plus account, also available for a monthly or yearly fee, includes all the benefits of a Premium account. In addition, you will receive an email if a new Rep is added in your search area providing the services you are looking for. InspectorADE users get one discounted Premium Plus NewRep account.

Pricing for a Premium Plus account
Monthly: $14.99
Yearly: $90.00

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